About Taiwan Breast Cancer Foundation

In Taiwan, breast cancer has become the second leading cause of cancer in women’s health, subordinate to cervical cancer. With increasing living standards, changing eating habits, which tends to be more westernized, and the tendency of couples bearing children later in life, has increased tremendously the incidence rate of breast cancer. Compounding the problem is the lack of medical knowledge and awareness in Taiwanese women. This has been indicated by detection of lesions that are more than 2cm in size, well beyond the early diagnostic capabilities of today’s technology. In Europe and North America, where breast care education has been promoted, detection and treatment occur in much earlier stages.

Typically, women with breast cancer in Taiwan are above the age of 40. These women are in the prime of their lives, playing an important role in their families. The result of this disease is an attack on the entire family, with a long-term effect of disrupting the social fabric of our country. Therefore, educating them to acknowledge the concepts of early breast cancer detection and prevention must become a first priority.

Due to the current state of breast cancer in Taiwan, the Foundation of Breast Cancer Prevention and Treatment was established in November, 1996. The foundation was founded by Chairman and Professor of Department of Surgery at National Taiwan University Hospital, Dr. King-Jen Chang and Dr. Chiun-Sheng Huang along with other professionals.