About Taiwan Breast Cancer Foundation

Our Story

20-30 Years Ago,breast cancer diagnosis, treatment, and patient care were still immature. However, the hospital resource was very limited as well.

Hoping to establish a “patient-centered” medical system not only to serve as the support for breast cancer in all aspects but also to cultivate medical care professionals. The Taiwan Breast Cancer Foundation was found by Dr. King-Jen Chang and Dr. Chiun-Sheng Huang in 1997.

The breast cancer foundation has three primary focuses

  1. Cooperate with Taiwan's prevention and screening strategies,as mass screening program is important for reducing mortality rate of breast cancer.
  2. Support Taiwan's breast cancer-related research to expedite the development of breast cancer therapy.
  3. Provide the patient with correct medical knowledge and provide comprehensive care including follow up of those patients.

Professional Training and Breast Cancer Research

The foundation also vigorously trains , nurses, and case managers to serve as a communication bridge between patients and physicians. To promote breast cancer screening and treatment knowledge, the foundation focuses on two major strategies:

  1. Compiled books related to breast cancer and held the first International Breast Cancer Symposium to broaden the knowledge of cancer.
  2. Cooperates with the screening strategy of the Taiwan government, especially in remote areas.

International Footprint on Patient Support

The foundation works with international organizations to raise breast cancer screening and awareness while promoting breast cancer research.

  1. Let Love Fly" project
  2. The road runs with Nike ,Skechers etc.
  3. "Six Minutes, Care for Life" with P&G
  4.  11th Asian International Symposium on Cancer Screening (IACCS)
  5. The foundation attended the International Breast Cancer Symposium in San Antonio
  6. Work with Hong Kong for Breast Cancer Screen Promotion Strategy

Our Next Step

Chairman Chang hopes to promote a patient-centered medical care system, which includes the emphasis and requirements on Shared Decision Making (SD). Doctors should grant the rights of "knowledge" and "choice" to patients. By providing all possible options for treatment. Furthermore, In the era of precision and personalized medicine, the foundation promotes the application of new technologies including AI and telemedicine. In the long run, the frequency of patient visits could be effectively reduced, especially during a pandemic it could reduce the infection rate of patients with weak immune systems.


"Breast cancer treatment is an ongoing battle, but we are willing to accompany patients and their families on the journey." Chairman King-Jen Chang, TBCF